Natalia Shevchuk graduated in 1994 from Kyiv State Conservatory named after P.A. Tchaikowsky (Ukraine) with a master’s degree in piano playing, accompanying and teaching. She was among the winners of Rachmaninoff’s piano competition in Kyiv in 1993. As a piano player she grew under the guidance of Nina Kharchenko, Natalia Vitte, Igor Ryabov, and Ada Krivosheina. She also took piano ensemble and accompaniment courses under the tutelage of Iya Tsarevich. While still a student, she worked as a piano accompanist for the National Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko.

After graduation, she worked as a pianist and composer in the Kyiv Theatre of Historical Portrait under the direction of People’s Artist of Ukraine Igor Shvedov (1924-2001). In the following decade, Natalia dedicated herself to literary work and historic research. She performed her own historic portrait of Christopher Columbus (with original music) in various institutions, such as National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine. (This work had been published as well.)

In 2010, since moving to Conway, New Hampshire (USA) and marrying Chris Young, she resumed her activity primarily as a solo pianist. She began working with the Pot Luck Singers teaching Ukrainian songs. Later on, she also served as accompanist for the Mount Washington Valley Choral Society. From 2012 to 2016 she was the Director of Music at the Lutheran Church of Nativity in North Conway, performing regularly in the area as a solo pianist (sometimes in duo with Nancy D. Farris). As Howard West wrote about one of Natalia’s recitals, “From the moment the first note was played on their Steinway I was mesmerized and taken emotionally to a wonderful place. Her artistry and accuracy were uncanny and a joy to be a part of. Chopin is one of my favorite piano composers and her rendition of Ballade No.3 in A-flat major was nothing short of spectacular.” Following a concert in the Christ Church of North Conway, Nancy Farris commented, “My heart soared transported by this Artist’s visible cognitive engagement, phenomenal technique, and unlimited communicative skills. Rare possession of these three attributes provides audiences with heightened aesthetic grandeur. Natalia Shevchuk’s command of all three makes her performances extraordinary!” Natalia’s recitals include not only music, but also its verbal “historic portrait”, usually narrated by Chris Young, her husband. Since July 2016, Chris and Natalia have relocated to New York State where Natalia has taken the position of organist and choir director at the Calvary United Methodist Church in Latham, NY.

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